Samsung Z4 with Tizen OS 3.0 announced 

In the world of mobile phones taken over by Android operating system and iOS systems, Samsung has been forcing its own Tizen os over the past three years. So far, Samsung has released three mobile phones operating on the Tizen OS Tizen OS yet, and the latest Smartphone operating on the operating system is the Z4.

On interesting feature of this Smartphone is that by using different mixtures of physical control buttons or using the display, users can create strategies to release convenient functions such as Quick Torch, Quick Talk, and Quick Launch of the camera or Quick Switch without going back to the main screen. For example, Quick Talk will release a set of strategies nearby by region, such as Alarm, Call, or Music, simply through voice triggered instructions.


According to Samsung, Tizen OS gives the phone a user-friendly interface, quick access to top 8 applications on-screen among other smart functions.