Samsung invests $450M in Chinese electric car firm BYD


The leading smart phone manufacturer, Samsung has now decided to foot in the automotive field.  Of course, the Samsung is the excellent designer and manufacturer of the smart phones with the adorable technologies. Nowadays, the Samsung mobile phones and the smart phones are getting increased popularity among the people throughout the world.

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As the way, the Reuters have reported that the Samsung had invested nearly $450 million in the BYD company, Ltd. In fact, this BYD is the most famous automaker in China who is expertise in manufacturing the automobiles, mobile phone components, and rechargeable batteries.

The higher officials of the Samsung have said that it was in discussions with the BYD Company for improving their company’s automotive chips. However, the BYD company said that it will initially pour that Samsung’ enlargement of its battery production and research and development of the new energy vehicles in the press release.

About the BYD company

In fact the Samsung is going to invest its money in the most excellent company too. In that way, this BYD is sponsored by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. that owns just over 9 percent of the Chinese company. This Chinese company produce every product from the gas motorized cars to the hybrids, electric vehicles and yet the solar paneling.

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As the Samsung Company is highly reputable manufacturer of the smart phones, we will go to see its move of secure footing in the industry of automotives, after buying the stake in the BYD Company. This is because that it is the first acquisition and investment of the Samsung in the automotive industry.

However, the Google is leading in the way of self driving testing and the Apple is reportedly working on its own self-directed car.  In fact, both of these companies have their own infotainment software. So, it becomes the default feature for the wide range of the auto manufacturers with the Android Auto and the Apple Car Play.  As the way, the new trending automotive partner Samsung needs to take part in these things for getting the exposure as same as the smart phone market.