Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs One Plus 3T

In current scenario the new smart phone model of Samsung galaxy S8 and the Oneplus 3T is getting high demand among the phone lovers. Here are the few important factors which showcase the dramatic difference between those two phones upon their qualities and capabilities.



Well, when it comes to design and look the Samsung galaxy S8 wins the competition when compared with the OnePlus 3T. Though, the OnePlus 3T is the good looking handset and stands tall when compared with several top models, yet it fails to beat the fine and fabulous design of Galaxy S8.

Screen Display:

Once again Samsung galaxy S8 wins the competition with its 5.8in AMOLED screen when compared with the 5.5in AMOLED screen of OnePlus 3T. Though, the OnePlus screen is the best when compared with lot of top end mobile models, while considering about the display and screen quality with galaxy S8 it loses its competition.



If you are concern about the camera in terms of megapixels OnePlus would be the best having 16 Megapixel with the ability to handle 4K video OnePlus stands tall. However, if you are willing to lose few megapixels on considering the quality then Galaxy S8 stands in the competition. The camera of galaxy S8 possess unique features and standards that many smart phone doesn’t have.


Well if you are smart phone in the budge range than opting OnePlus would be the best choice, as the phone has supreme quality when compared with its price tag. On the other hand, the samsung Galaxy S8 comes with costlier and it’s worthy. In short, OnePlus is better for value and Galaxy S8 is the better device.