The more developed and upgraded technological features of the newest mobile to hit the market, the more news it makes while its launch. Thus while Samsung promises to launch the very small Galaxy note 8 with bezels that are even smaller than the Galaxy S8 plus and the Galaxy 8. There are talks around town of the Samsung Galaxy Note S 8 making a grand launch in September of 2017. However there have already sneak peeks on Twitter.

Other updates

Although it is definitely not clear whether Samsung has deliberately released a sneak peek of this much touted smart phone on Twitter but it sure remains interesting that the post has not been removed. So it can be well concluded that Samsung is ready to announce the next model smart phone to the world at large. This smart phone is an exact replica of its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which was launched much earlier in the year in the month of June.


Feature updates

If sources are to be taken into account, the smart phone would have a display of 6.2 inch.  There is also going to be dual camera feature and also 6 GB RAM which would enable the 8895 processor to run.  It definitely promises to be product to look forward to and the fact that it has been posted on Twitter has taken the mobile market by storm. Look out for the grand launch.