Reliance Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone: Find the Fastest Network


In Indian communication sector internet has changed, the rates of speed are increased and the smartphones have completely transformed as the majority are connected to faster internet speed. The communication companies have started to draw in the customers advertising with fastest online 4G. Here, check the rates of speed on three of the big 4G networks – Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone.

It’s a different aspect to being seduced by terms like “no call rates”, “free high-speed internet” but the facts could be different. Dependency Jio’s programs begin at Rs 19 and go up to Rs 4,999. Below are some comparison of 4G networks provided by Reliance Jio and its competitors like Airtel and Vodafone.

Plan rates 4G Data

Reliance Jio : Reliance Jio hit you up for Rs 19. For this sum, you get 100MB of 4G speed along with unlimited national and local calls with an unlimited message. It’s valid for 1 day

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Vodafone : Customers get 12 pre-paid plan by Vodafone, uses is 50MB of 4G speed. But if compared with Reliance Jio, there is no call or texting advantage.

Airtel : Rs 23 for 3 days it’s the lowest plan of Airtel. Customers get 90MB of 4G speed and no other benefits.

  • The Rs 199 strategy in Jio has a credibility of 7 times. And in return, it gives you 750MB data along with 1.5GB internet Wi-Fi. Also get benefits of unlimited voice call and message
  • Vodafone: Vodafone Rs 102 for the 10 days validity with 300MB data
  • Airtel: Airtel provided Rs 145 plan valid for 14 days. Users get 580MB of 4G data to consume. No any call and text benefits.

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Monthly Plans

Here, how the plans compare against each other. For Rs 499, Reliance Jio provides 4GB data to the customer along with unlimited accessibility during the night for 28days. It goes without referring to that both voice calls and texts are totally free (up to 100 SMS every day), along with accessibility to Reliance joins package of applications. If looking about Airtel, its Rs 455 plan contains just 2GB data and that validity for only 21 days. Vodafone’s Rs 497 data is quite better than Airtel as it provides 3GB data and it valid for 28 days.

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However, the battle has just started, and with the Reliance Jio already tossing a one-two impact in the way of the Welcome opportunity, Users have to see how it performs out over the next few several months. If the incumbents decrease their charges, users are sure Jio won’t be following a defensive technique and would decrease the costs further the coming season, when the customers would actually need to begin spending for its services.