Reliance Jio SIM card How to check 4G network coverage in your area


All About 4G Coverage Of Jio

Reliance Jio is one of the most pronounced words among most of the Indian youths in the recent days. Not only the youths, has the fever of Reliance Jio even struck among the middle class population also in the recent days as a very big advertisement by Reliance group on the day of release featuring prime minister of India is the most important reason why there is a huge hype about Jio among most of the Indians. Even when there are many people interested to join Jio and get rid of their old network, it is one of the most important thing that people need to keep in mind is that it is only capable of delivering services through LTE only.

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4G only network

Speaking technically, Jio is essentially a network that has only spectrum that is licensed for 4G. Users can only get the services of LTE from Jio and they cannot go back to the older technology of 2G GSM and 3G UMTS. The main reason why Jio has not the feature of fall back is that they don’t have any license to provide such services. If there is a break in the 4G network, then it is very obvious that the calls will drop and there will not be any alternate provided for its users. It is like the phone is in airplane mode in case 4G network is not available in the area. Even when it is considered to be a drawback, it is one of the advantage for those people living in the cities as they will be surrounded by many towers in their nearest locality from which they can get best services at all times.

Checking 4G connectivity

Since Jio is only a 4G network, it is a necessity for people to check well before they go for Jio. First and foremost thing that people need to check is that whether they are having VoLTE phone or not. It is one of the most essential checks that are required because most of the handsets that are available in India are not capable of providing LTE services. If this check is successful, then people can directly enter into the website of Jio and check for the existing infrastructure in their locality. Only if all criteria are met, then only people can enjoy the high speed services of LTE that is being offered by Jio. If everything is fine, people can get a wide range of services from the first ever All IP Network in India.