As the recovery action against the diplomatic shut down on Qatar, now Qatar aided few help from Iran and omen to start its shipping functions with the intention of bypass gulf countries. Due to the high diplomatic block by the neighborhood Arab countries Qatar facing high amount of pressure for the past few days. In fact, the entire nation facing shortage of food supply and other basic amenities, due to transportation block by its neighbors.

Iran’s helps Qatar

In order to solve the amid gulf dispute and to solve the crisis facing by the Qatar to the diplomatic block of its neighbors, Iran sends 5 plans and warships fully stuffed with food and other basic amenities.  Also around 90 tons of cargo as per the reports cited in the Iran newspapers.

In addition to those help, Iran’s spokesman Mr. Shanrokh Noushabadi assures that Iran will be continue to support Qatar until it recovers from the diplomatic crisis.

New Sea-Route Chosen by Qatar to start Shipping

The official news of Qatar government has stated that it starts shipping cargo from Monday via Oman in order to bypass the gulf countries regions as they severed their ties with the Qatar few weeks ago, by accusing Qatar on providing financial support to the terrorists and extremist groups.

Earlier, Qatar has used Dubai’s massive deep-water port Jebel Ali for its shipment, from the port of Jebel; they used to transport their cargos from small boats towards the Qatar’s capital Doha. Ever since, the diplomatic ban imposed against the Qatar by its neighborhood countries, Qatar stopped its cargo shipment via Dubai and other gulf countries.

Impact of Diplomatic Crisis

The current diplomatic crisis of the gulf region is quoted as the worst since the 1990 where the Kuwait invaded the Iraq which leads to the Gulf War. Owing to the gulf war, Arab nations had imposed the similar kind of political ban against the Qatar.


In the tourism department, Doha is the major hub especially the Qatar airways is the prime choice for all tourists from all over the world who visits Arab nations, now with the recent ban, entire operation has been shut leaving Iran and Turkey to boost their travel business. Just like expected, Iran shared some heavy reliefs to Qatar by transporting around 350 tons of packed foods like vegetables, fruits to Qatar by sea route, since Qatar is the massive offshore natural gas field for Iran for years.