Putin’s Critic held before Moscow protest

Russia now facing some political crisis, as there are thousands of anti-government activities start to protest against the current government led by President Vladimir Putin. On the recently held protest, several hundreds of people have been detained by the Russian police at Moscow. However, the reports from the international news agency BBC, riot police of the Russian government is picking the protestors from the crowd on random basis.

Riot Police action against the protestors

The protesting act by the activities started by the synchronized walk from the Russian capital, similar to that around 100 similar type of rally was arranged and conducted all over the nation in the streets of the  town and cities of the nation. The riot police of Russia has reacted their best to keep the situation under the control throughout their rally. And they even arrested several hundred thousands of protestors from the rally which also includes the current opposition leader Aleksei Navalny in the capital city Moscow.

Arrest by Riot Police of Russia

The reports of the Russian Journals quoted that there have been around 50 arrests held during the rally held at the St. Petersburg; where else the Russian media says there has been around 150 arrests so far in the capital city of the Russia.

On the other hand the official in charge of the regional security office Mr. Vladimir Chernikov conveyed the message to the public through the Ekho Moskvy radio that the law enforcement would not involve or interfere in any kind of action against the protesters as long as they obeys the law and order. Also he insists protesters should not carry placards or to involve in any kind of activities like slogans shouting and so.


Image: nytimes.com

So far, the law enforcement forces had made several arrests only on those persons who disobey during the rally protest by involving anti-peace form of activities. The situation prevailing in the certain cities of the nation is expected to get spread across the other cities of Russia soon.

Despite of arresting around 1000 protestors in the March month of 2017, who involves such protesting type of operations against the Russian government, the opposition leaders and other protestors keep on protesting against the government.

It is widely believed that current president Mr. Putin might win the upcoming election next year and will continue to rule the nation, however, the protest against the government will slightly shake the believe as per the experts analysis over the Russian politics.