Priya Prakash Varrier has become an overnight celebrity


Priya Prakash Varrier has become an overnight celebrity. The 18-year-old, a first year student at Vimala college in Thrissur, featured in a Malayalam song Manikya Malaraya Poovi from the film Oru Adaar Love.

A clip from the song has since gone viral online and has made her an Internet sensation not just in India but in countries as far as Egypt and neighbouring Pakistan, where fans have been posting comments about her expressive face.

When TNM contacted her family, it was her mother Preetha who answered the phone. “Priya has gone to the hostel,” she says, preparing to hang up.

But when asked why, Preetha opened up, saying that the instant fame has left them stymied.

“The director has told us strictly not to give any interviews,” she says. “He has said she’s to give interviews only after the film releases. The film has just started and they’ve shot only a little bit. I’ve sent her to the hostel because of all this noise.”

image: instagram

Actress Priya Prakash Varrier, who is all set to make her debut, has already become an internet sensation. She has taken the internet by storm with her wink. Priya shot to fame with her viral videos and has covered the distance from being ‘no one to someone’. During Valentine’s week, this stunning diva has managed to make everyone crazy with her expressions in the viral video. Priya Prakash’s new song Manika Malayali Puvi has just released. Malayalam actress Priya has stolen everyone’s heart just with her wink. Priya Prakash Varrier’s video shows two school students flirting in a crowded auditorium. Priya’s amazing expressions have become the talk of the town.

image: instagram

“We never expected this to happen,” Preetha adds. “We never thought much about it. She had a desire and so we took her to an audition. She’d gone for another audition last year called by the same team, when she was a Class XII student and they’d selected her for that film as well – but the shooting was during the board exams. So she couldn’t go for it. They’d said then itself that she should come the next time there’s a casting call.”

Priya’s Instagram account has gained a whopping 1.3 million followers in a single day, a feat that more accomplished and established actors are yet to reach.

Asked about Priya’s photographs that have flooded the Internet, Preetha says, “She had done modeling once. She did a ramp show. She’s not the one who put all those pics on Instagram. They are all fake accounts. These pictures have been put up by photographers who had these images. We’d not taken these images from them. The ones she’s put up are likely to be selfies with friends.”

Reacting to the craze that Priya has become overnight, Preetha says, “It is very difficult. But what can we do? We can’t make anyone hate us by objecting. It will be seen differently.”

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