Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet all chief secretaries of State together on Monday for the first time with an aim to take a cohesive approach for the fast track all round development without any obstacle.

Modi will discuss with Chief Secretaries of States and Union Territories in the National Conference of Chief Secretaries organized by Niti Aayog to spirit the competitive and cooperative federalism. This conference will be conducted on Monday July 10.

Enhanced efforts towards the goal

Prime Minister’s Office has revealed this news and enhanced all efforts towards the success of this conference as planned. Finance secretaries, planning secretaries, industry secretaries, agriculture secretaries, health secretaries along with chief secretaries of 30 states and union territories will attend this conference.

Different developmental indicators successfully developed by NITI Aayog in several areas like digital transformation, education, health and water management will be discussed in this conference. The overall discussion of these topics in this conference is mainly to measure the overall performance as well as progress of states and rank states as per the performance to encourage healthy competition.

An enhanced financial status of the nation

Various discussions on the financial status of states and union territories and agricultural reforms throughout the nation after the 14th Finance commission along with the overall outcome based monitoring and direct benefit transfer play the main roles in the agenda.


There are 15-year vision and 7-year strategy on 23 April during the announcement of the draft of 3-year development action plan for the overall development of the nation in various aspects. Soviet style of centrally designed 5-year plans is replaced with an ideal combination of this agenda. The development blueprint will be finalized with input of states, revealed by NITI Aayog. This blueprint does not fail to set the socio-economic goals of the nation after the 12th 5-year plan that is ended in 31 March.