PM Modi and Donal Trump likely to break ice over Dinner

In fact Donald Trump and Narendra Modi are expected to shatter the ice over the personal dinner meeting that might be considered as the most important event to both leaders. This event is mostly providing the opportunity to acquire the measure of other. In fact both leaders will hold their official talks at 26th June at the familiar routine. As everyone knows Modi is doing the modest Diaspora event and Modi has delivered the most successful address to both houses of the Congress. In fact earlier talk of Modi is related to Houston in response to the invitation by the wide Indian Diaspora and Texan legislators. Basically United States of 2017 is not considered as the immigrant friendly. At the same time meeting with the India and US CEO might be the part of this official programme.


Everything to know about the PM Modi and Trump meeting

Actually Modi fully engagement with congress too is minimal which might change as the stay comes closer. This kind of the visit is offering the strong and effective geo political content and it might share the sentiments on combating terrorism. In fact US-India business council will plan the event in 27th morning and it seems that United States vice president Mike Pence. But Modi is not the event in 27th US and he might be in the Netherlands for working visit. In some cases US and India might walk down on the familiar path again and the both sides they will relearn how to work with each other. In this event, they point to the flip flops at the policy with look upon Europe, China and Middle East. In fact United States and India relationship could be tested along with the certain things such as inconsistency and this event builds strong relationship between two countries.