The OPPO R11 has appeared on AnTuTu’s website and has confirmed that there is a Snapdragon 660 chipset Mobile platform with a 20MP front as well as rear cameras. Though the information available in the website did not really capture the essence that R11 Smartphone will be dual-lens, the camera specifications of the phone are really out of this world. The main camera of the phone comprises of 20MP telephoto lens as well as 16MP wide-angle lens. The OPPO R11 will also feature a large 20MP single sensor. One of the really amazing features of the camera is the 2X losses zoom feature which allows zooming keeping the quality and clarity perfectly intact and one can zoom images up to 10X zoom. Further, it is expected that OPPO R11’s dual camera set up will have Special Portrait Mode which is expected to deliver some really great quality pictures. The portrait mode is packaged to allow the customers to use the portrait image of a moving object with some additional virtual effects. Hopefully a launch date of OPPO R11 with its amazing camera features is just round the corner.