Often there have comparisons at the time of launch of two brand new mobiles or even afterwards. Similarly there are talks of OnePlus 5 being better than iPhone 7 which is in a league of its own. It has scored much better than iPhone 7 in being technically better upgraded.  The amazing features are absolutely worth checking out.

Detailed updates

The features which have won OnePlus 5 a DxoMark rating include a dual rear camera feature, which also boasts of Sony sensor images. There is a 16 MP+ 20 MP image sensors which boast of picture images which have broken or blurred photo effects. DxoMark provides a pleasant and crisp review of the smart phone which offers excellent color and lighting photo effects even in the direst outdoor conditions. As compared to iPhone 7, the color effects are far better and have clearer image saturation. An accurate white balance has also been found in OnePlus 5 phones.


image: gadgets.ndtv.com

One plus 5 is available in amazing colors of gold and black. While the other Apple Iphone possesses an amazing color combo of gold, blue and silver. In Dxo Mark ratings, the camera autofocus of the OnePlus 5 phone remains an enigma to be reckoned with since.  The noise reduction is pretty good in brilliant fluorescent light.


So basically there are favorable reviews which give iPhone 7 a backward range and makes OnePlus 5 score the hit of the season. One can easily read the online reviews and ratings regarding either phone before the actual purchase.