One killed as van plows into crowd near London Mosque

The van has actually driven into the heavy crowd of work shippers once after they left a mosque in North side of London city. In this incident, one man has been killed and other 8 people are getting serious injuries and the police offers considered it as the major incident of the city this week. This criminal act is being investigated by the counter terrorism unit and they are doing detailed research on the street where there are crowded work shippers following the Ramadan prayers during this time.

The police department is investigating this case now and they are considered it as the potential terrorist attack which is said by the Prime Minister Theresa. The mayor of London city Mr. Sadiq Khan has commented this incident as the horrific terrorist attack on the innocent people of the city. The eight injured victims are taken to the three different hospitals through the London Ambulance service. These eight victims have serious injuries and at the same time there are several numbers of people have minor injuries during this van attack.


First investigation report:

Once the attack has been done, the police officers arrested a van driver who is actually 48 years old man. This driver has actually been taken to the hospitable for the precaution and he is going to get the mental health assessment treatment for finding the truths of the attacks. With the first investigation results, the police has founded that the van has attacked the outside portion of the Muslim Welfare House located in the Seven Sisters road. There are two witnesses who saw this incident in front of their eyes. According to their report, they said that three people were leaving from the van before starting the attack. With this statement, the police will move further investigation to find all attackers.