Obama warned Trump against Flynn as National security Advisor

On last November 8th, when Trump being elected as the U.S new president the former president of the nation Mr. Barack Obama engaged 90 minutes meeting with the Trump and discussed various issues which also includes the warning to trump of hiring Flynn as the National Security Advisor.

Mr. Flynn was fired by the Obama from the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency after being given the prestigious position 2 years ago in 2012. In 2014, Obama fired Flynn by citing various problems that also includes the temperament and irregular management abilities.

In addition to those allegations, Mr. Flynn was highly corned by the many US diplomats on contacting the Russian ambassador Mr. Kislyak during the previous presidential election which held on 2016. However, Trump gave such highness in his government to Flynn because of being loyal to him and also having similar kind of thinking with foreign nation ties and global affairs.


Image source: businessinsider.in

Recently, Trump asked the resignation letter from Flynn because of the allegation of misleading the US Vice President Mr. Mike Pence. Also the conversation of Flynn with Kislyak before trump took office was not lime lighted by Trump. The discussion includes the issues of US sanctions with the Russian Ambassador.

As per the news quoted in the CNN, there has been a susceptible Russian blackmail over the conversation of Kislyak on misleading the Pence with respect to the information released by the Yates. However, Flynn was not asked to resign until Feb 13th of 2017 which is nearly 2 weeks those allegation raised in the Whitehouse.