North Korea Missile test seen as the step to put US in range

Recently, the North Korea has moved one step closer to the inevitable achievement of creating a long time nuclear armed missile to threaten the United States. They are successfully launching this ballistic missile during this month from the Western North Korea. In fact, this was the first public United States intelligence assessment of this May month launch.

North Korea is the state actor and stays a critical security challenge for the U.S. They conduct two nuclear tests and launch the more numbers of ballistic missile last year. This was the country’s eighth test on this year. Earlier this year, the country was launched the land based variants of ballistic missile.


The Dan Coats, who is the director of the National Intelligence said that the start of missile test showed the capabilities and done the analysis very soon. Later on, this country also continues to maximize its stock of weapons and enhance its ability to launch the small scale attacks rapidly against the South Korea. After a weekend test, the North Korea has declared its medium range missile that is ready for deployment today.

The United States military is considering shooting down the missile test in North Korea. This shoot down strategy will be aimed to happen after the nuclear test, but the Donald Trump has described as the unacceptable one due to several consequences of this step. This type of missile is highly assessed and not that much consistent with the intercontinental ballistic missile. These continuous launches of missile by North Korea are threatening to the country.