No change in stand on India’s entry to NSG: China

As far as India’s concern China’s support was crucial to get the membership status in the NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group). Few days before, China has informed that there has been no change in its state of admitting non-NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) states in to the NSG. So far, there has been 48 members listed in the elite club of NSG, the meeting of the NSG is scheduled by next month and the inclusion of India in the elite club is under question mark as the neighbor nation china follows the strong terms on not admitting non-NPT states in NSG. Several meetings held in-between the Indian officials and China’s official went in vain as they pretty strong in their principles of not allowing non-NPT states into the NSG.


As far as the records, after India’s submission of its application on NSG club the fellow nation Pakistan too submitted its application backed by the China. Meanwhile, India gains the trust from the United States of America. However, many western countries and also china keep insisting that new members should sign the nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Earlier this year, India turned down the china’s one belt one road initiative. Since the initiatives includes the whooping $50 million investment under CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) which falls right on the Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Experts doubt this might be the reason behind the stand of china over the NPT issues. However, the stand of opposing new members who are non-NPT in the elite club has been proposed by china well before the one belt one road initiatives.