Nitish Kumar attends Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Lunch

There has been a political stir in the nationwide politics, when the current Bihar Chief Minister attended the lunch arranged by the Indian Prime Minister in order to honor the visiting prime minster of Mauritius Mr. Anerood Jugnauth.

Political Plot behind the Meeting

Mr. Nitish Kumar ended his two decade long alliance with the central ruling party BJP after the occurrence of the political rival with the current Prime Minister Mr. Modi. Owing to this political rival, Bihar CM started to critics the leadership of BJP government for years.

As a remembrance the Bihar CM has recently skipped the meeting arrangement done by the opposing party leader and the Congress party’s president Sonia Gandhi. Now, with the attendance of the high-profile meeting with the PM Modi had created lot of stir in the political world.


Coming June month, the current President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee’s term will get ends and to elect new president the opposition party congress talking all the possible steps to unite the all the parties against BJP in recent times. The act of Bihar CM Mr. Nitish Kumar raised the big question mark on his stand with the old alliance BJP.

Nitish Kumar on attending PM’s High – Profile Lunch

While on the high-profile lunch, Mr. Nitish seems to be too close with the PM, however, while enquiring about the same, Mr. Nitish Kumar dismissed the thought of political alliance in between the parties BJP and JD (U). He also added that the lunch invitation was accepted in order to honor the visiting Prime Minister of Mauritius Mr. Pravind Jugnauth. In addition to that, the CM of Bihar also quoted as to solve the urgent issues faced by the state people and state government of bihar like Ganga River, Desilting of river, and to handle the inland waterways issues the meeting helped to sort out with the PM of India.