About the Fundraiser

My son Ram is just 10 months old. It’s been only 300 days since he came into this world yet he has experienced the worst a child possibly can. Ram was born with a condition called ‘Liver Cirrhosis secondary to Biliary Atresia causing end stage liver disease’ – the root cause of all our problems today. It is caused due to the absence of bile ducts in my son’s body. The doctors asked me to feed him only water for over a month.  It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. When I wasn’t allowed to feed him, I spent all my time in a different room because I just couldn’t get myself to see him cry his eyes out in hunger. Which mother would?

 My baby’s tiny structure has already been operated once for insertion of a duct inside his body. This operation was done to correct the defect he was born with. It’s been just 9 months since the operation and my son needs another life-saving surgery. Ram is now critical and needs an urgent liver transplant, so we can put an end to the misery he has been in. We need a staggering Rs. 16 lakh for his liver transplant. While we’re trying our best to stay positive and motivated, we can’t turn a blind eye to our financial incapabilities. Even after trying everything in our capacity, we’re struggling to afford the transplant that promises to save our son’s life, please help us out.

 My name is Ishani Mistry, I’m Ram’s mother. I’m a housewife and my husband runs a machine rental business in Vadodara. I live in a joint family consisting of nine members with only two breadwinners. The total income of our family is Rs. 19,000 per month – it doesn’t come anywhere close to the amount required to give him a normal life. After spending over Rs. 50,000 on the tests and medicines required, there’s barely anything left to support Ram’s treatment. Gathering this amount was a real struggle – I sold my engagement ring and my husband ran to every person he thought could help. We spend every minute thinking of ways to somehow reach this unforgiving amount on Ram’s medical bills.

 Just 2 months after Ram’s birth, we started noticing abnormalities in his body. His stomach started growing in size. Every time I tried feeding him, he cried and vomited most of it out. One dreadful day, his body looked like it turned yellow, we panicked and rushed to the hospital. A few blood tests were taken to identify the cause for my son’s condition. Looking at the patients and doctors, terrifying thoughts ran through my head. I just prayed and hoped for the best. But the diagnosis shattered us – my son had end of stage liver disease.

 Doctors explained that the liver infection was leading to food accumulation in his body. Their first solution to provide immediate relief was insertion of a duct. After this surgery, his condition was better for 8 months but in November, one day, we woke up to Ram’s screams. To our horror, the symptoms we noticed earlier were back. He was refusing to feed and his stomach was developing a bulge again.

 According to the doctors, the permanent solution to his condition is a liver transplant. Fortunately, after undergoing multiple tests myself, we’ve recently found out that my liver is compatible with his, so I can be his donor. I’m glad that I’m finally getting a chance to help Ram feel better. I used to often wonder if there was something wrong with my system and if Ram was paying for my irresponsibility. But God has given me a chance to rescue him from the pain and I can’t wait to put a permanent end to his suffering. I have the liver he needs to become healthy again. If anything happens to my son before his treatment, I won’t be able to forgive myself. Please help me save my son’s life – he means the world to me.

For more information and those who wants to support please connect at : https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/helpramlive