Marc Kasowitz represents Donald Trump for Russia probe

President Donald Trump has appointed a qualified lawyer Marc Kasowitz to represent him in the recent inquiry into alleged meddling of Russia in the presidential election of the United States and links to his campaign.

Marc Kasowitz is known as tenacious litigator and a successful New York lawyer at this time. Mr. Trump has successfully used his services in recent years. Robert Mueller, former FBI boss was named a special counsel for the renowned Department of Justice inquiry.


Mr. Trump denies any agreement between Russia and his campaign. On the other hand, US intelligence agencies believe that Moscow tried to tip the US Presidential election 2016 in favor of the current President.

The White House and Mr Marc Kasowitz not yet made any public comment about the reported appointment. Marc Kasowitz is well-known to the President over a decade. He was known worldwide during the presidential campaign by threatened to take legal action against the New York Times newspaper when it did not take back the story about Mr Trump inappropriately touches women. However, The Times stood by its story until now and there was no retraction published.

John Quinn, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan worked with Marc Kasowitz and opposite Marc Kasowitz. He said that Marc Kasowitz can be aggressive and he is got it in him definitely. He also said that Marc Kasowitz can be deferential and smooth alike silk.  Mr. Trump fired James Comey, the most recent FBI director. The number of calls for a special investigation for this issue had mounted. Now, Congress and the FBI together listen to potential links between Russia and the campaign team of Mr. Trump.