Macron’s First step will be to Imply Improvement of Economic Policy

Well, the newly elected French president Mr. Macron’s first step would be imply the strong initiatives towards the improvement of the country’s economic policies. It was the expectation of the majority of the French voters and it the main reason to get the previous president Le Pen to lose the election race.

As per the information gathered from the center of political research (CEVIPOF), the newly elected president would surely focus on the sorting the unemployment problems, since he points out this issue mainly while he involved in the election campaigns. In fact, it grabs lots of attentions about the French youth voters, as Macron promised to deliver the rightful action against the prevailing unemployment issues.

Though, the opposition parties both left and right came with their own solutions to sort out the problem, none was effective while implementing practically. However, Macron gave certain unique ideas to the past leader Mr. Le Pen in the face globalizations. He also pointed that “if we are supposed to live in the globalized world, then we should develop by accepting the changes in terms of attitude and should be more flexible”. Currently the nation has the labor rule of 35 hours work per week and it would be abandon and more flexibility needs to be implied as per the speech of the Macron during one of the speech in the recently held election campaign.

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In focus, in order to implement his innovative ideas and policies the newly elected Macron needs to win the majority of the upcoming parliamentary election which is scheduled to the June 11 and 18 of this year 2017.

On viewing the win percentage of the Macron of over 66% when compared with the previous president’s 33%, it is clearly pictured that the French voters believed Mr. Macron and expecting some innovative moves to be taken by the new French leader.