Well many might aware of the ongoing 2017 G20 Hamburg twelfth summit at Hamburg Messe on 7th and 8th of July 2017. G20 (Group of Twenty) is an International group of governments and central bank governors from the top 20 economic countries.

The main intention of the G20 summit is to offer finance stability and discuss the country wise policy issues. The Summit was formed in 1999 and it contains the members of 19 countries along with 1 European Union (EU).

2017 G20 Summit

Unlike the previous summit, the ongoing 2017 meeting at Hamburg, Russia is about to focus on the “Issues of global significance” rather than the old school theme of Global economic growth, trade, finance market and so.

Violent protests against 2017 G20 Summit at Hamburg

On 6th of July, the protest against the summit turned to be violent when the protester tried to storm the “red zone”. Around 75 were arrested on that protest and over 160 police were injured during the clash, owing to that violent, one of the attendees US first lady Melania Trump was prevented to attend the event.


image: DW.com

Apart from those violent, the G20 summit started successfully here are the latest updates about the event.

Highlights of 2017, G20 Summit

  • Indian PM Mr. Modi reaches Hamburg after completing his first ever visit to Israel by around 10AM and the news has been confirmed by his office tweet.
  • Apart from the summit, PM Modi will hold the talks with the leaders of the Argentina, Italy, Japan, Mexico and also China behalf of the key development with those nations. The news was confirmed by the foreign secretary S Jaishankar while Modi stayed in Israel.
  • The most highlighting meet in the summit would be the Putin and Trump meeting. The two leaders is about to meet each other for the first time. Meanwhile, one should not forget about the online allegations against the Russia on recently concluded US presidential election.
  • The US president who landed in Hamburg a day before meet British PM Theresa May has also attracted the sideline of the summit.
  • The South Korean President Moon Jae-in has expressed his view of peace treaty with the North Korea. Such peace treaty will leads towards the permanent end of the Korean War.
  • By the noon, the German police confirmed that the protesters have taken the streets and setting fires on vehicles and other properties.
  • Later noon, Indian PM wishes Chinese PM Xi, ahead of G20 summit and assured full co-operation with the china.
  • World leaders took the family photo on the evening of first day 07July17.
  • The Hamburg’s security chief Andy Grote conveyed that more than 160 police officers were injured during the violence held all over the city on the first day of the summit.
  •  Followed by the Trump and Putin meeting, Indian PM Modi meets Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.
  • On the G20 summit, the leaders from the 20 major nations expressed their concern on growth terrorism and expressed the necessity of co-operation to counter the terror activities.