Lenovo to launch 4G Laptop with built-in Internet Capabilities


If the media from China is to be believed, then Lenovo is almost set to launch a laptop that will have 4G capabilities. It is being said that the next launch of Lenovo will be a 4G laptop that will have integrated cellular network antenna.


Image source: technizine.com

If this is the true then this laptop of Lenovo will provide non-stop and excellent internet connection and you do not have to connect you laptops to your cell phones, in order to get 4G network. It is being said that the new model of Lenovo will be a built-in internet enabled notebook, which will be a first of its kind.

This news has been received from the media in China, who seem to confident about Lenovo’s new release. If report are to be believed then a staff of Lenovo has confirmed this news and has said the launch of 4G LTE laptop will be confirmed by the company in the next two months.


Image source: www.ultrabookreview.com

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company which entered the market with personal computers and laptops. But eventually went on to become one of the biggest names in the smartphone market. But nevertheless, the company has still been delivering quality and stylish looking laptops. It has been a strong competitor against companies such as Apple and Samsung in the laptop and tablet segment.

If the sources are to be believed, and if the company is actually planning to launch a 4G laptop with built-in Internet capabilities, then it will be a strong move for the company in the market. Since it will be a fairly new product, the sales of the products will be high, and this laptop might just overpower the other existing laptop of the other brands in the similar price range. Now one has to wait and see until any formal announcement is made by the company.