In a present world most of the people are interested to hear different category of songs based on their preference and it gives pleasant feel while hearing it. Actually using the musical indication to learn the physical task which may impact parts of brain and it might process control and sound movement. In case you are trying to learn about the yoga practice or yoga pose then it is always advisable to hear song. If people practiced the basic movement to the music then surely it can increase the structural connectivity between the brain regions. Actually music encourages the people to move and music cues are always useful to learn about the new motor task which leads to the changes in the white matter structure at the brain. For the study, small group of the volunteers are categorized into the two groups and charged with the new task which involves the excellent sequence of finger movements along with non dominant.


One group of people might learn about the task with musical cues but other group people do the same thing but without music. But after four weeks, MRI scans found that music group people might be showed the significant increase at the structural connectivity on brain right side. Music is offering the positive implication for the future research into the rehabilitation to patients who might have lost certain degree of movement control. Music is changing everyone life and it is most important one to develop the brain function in efficient way. Sometimes music can useful to special kinds of the motor rehabilitation programs which include after the stroke. In fact music creates the key difference and it provides the excellent experimental evidence.  In case you are looking to change your lifestyle then it is always advisable to hear music because it is provided wide ranges of advantages to the people.