Latest Update on Super star Rajnikant’s movie Kabali movie release


The biggest film of the year, Kabali, is all set to hit the theatres and the country will see something that one has never seen before. Yes, only a Rajinikanth film will have the potential of making companies across Chennai and Bengaluru to call for a holiday on July 22nd, the day when Kabali releases.

Latest News

Many companies of Chennai and Bengaluru have announced 22nd July to be a holiday so that the employees can go to watch Kabali on the day it is releasing. Since Monday a news has been doing rounds that many employees of different companies, in these two cities were planning to take a mass sick leave on 22nd July and go watch the first day first show of their superstar’s movie. Listening to this, several companies have taken this decision of announcing 22nd July as a holiday.

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Many big and small companies including Opus waterproofing (Bangalore based) and Fyndus India Pvt. Ltd. (Chennai based), have issued notice for the same purposes. Also many companies are giving free tickets to their employees, as a step to contain piracy.

Even many educational institutes have decided to give a day off on the day of the release so that children can enjoy the movie with their parents.

As the date of release is nearing, the craziness among fans and people keep on rising. The die-heart fans of Thalaiva are ready to pay any amount and do anything for getting tickets for the first day first show (FDFS) of the film.

Movie Leak

With so much excitement on one side, it have been reported that the online pirates have put up a lot of links online through which the film can be watched. Authorities are making all efforts in order to pull down all the links of the film which are unauthorized. Best measures are being taken to avoid further leak of the film, and the filmmakers are requesting fans not to watch the film online. The Censor Board has shown its concern and grief over the leak but has also said that the leak of a film with such a big superstar will not have any effect on its collection.

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Record Setting

Important news about the film release is that, even before its release the film has started making records, it managed to collect over 200 Cr before release and still television rights yet to be given. Kabali will release on 306 screens in Kerala which means that this will be the biggest release of any Tamil film in the State. Apart from this, all the weekend tickets of the film are already sold out. Film producer assured about Rajinikanth’s movie Kabali collecting over 500 Cr all over the world.