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A new game is all set to create a whole new era of gaming, it is called Pokémon Go. This free game developed for iOS and Android devices and was released in most of the countries in July 2016.

Reason behind its success

From the time of its release this game has been a rage among Android and iOS device users. The game is basically too addictive and more and more people are trying all means to play this game. There are a few reasons due to which the game has received such great success in just a few days of its release. The main reason behind the success is the game play. One may say that it is first of its kind. The game play of Pokemon Go is complete different and is very addictive. The feature of the game has made people talk and post about it all over social media.

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The game is very social; it has brought people from different communities and types together. You never know who you will walk into when you go in search of a Pokemon. And there is no equivalent to this game until now.

About the game 

Pokemon Go is a location based mobile game that has been developed by Niantic. The game is designed in a way that it makes use of the GPS and camera of the phone and allows the players to battle, captures and train viral creatures which are called Pokemon. They seem to be in the real world, but actually appear on the device.

In this game the player will have to join one of the three Pokemon trainer teams before finding a Pokemon gym. Then the player will have to fight the Pokemons which try to defend the gym. After this the player needs to make his or her own team by finding Pokemons. In this game the player has to literary go to different places and locations in order to find new Pokemons.

People who want to play the game can download the game and then log it to the game. There are two logs in options. One can either log in with an existing Google account or sign up for a Pokemon Trainer Club account. A Pokemon Trainer Club account comes with added advantages.

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Why some countries have banned the game like Japan and Saudi Arabia etc.

In some countries like Saudi Arabia and Japan this widely popular and addictive game has been ban due to some security and religious reasons. The reason behind the ban of the game in Saudi Arabia is that the authorities in the country feel that the game is ‘un-Islamic’. Egypt is of the view that the game could be of risk as it allows photo and video sharing of security sites and to it could put the sites at a risk, due to which they want the game to be banned. Countries like Russia and Japan also are concerned about the security issue of the players. They are of the view that the game is pushing people to walk and drive to weird places and sites, where they