Kinabayo Festival in Philippines to attract tourists in large numbers


Kinabayo festival is an amazing event on Dapitan City’s social calendar that happens every year in the month of July. Every year, in the July month the event and it attracts a lot number of tourists welcoming to this location.

Dapitan City is widely famous for its wonderful history all over the world which includes being the home to the national hero and popularly remarked as the symbol of struggle, Dr. Jose Rizal was executed. Dapital City is also widely popular for the amazing festivals that are conducted in the location every year such as Kinabayo festival.

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Attracted by the sun, sand and sea in the locale, large numbers of tourists head off to this wonderful place and attend this annual event in this southern region.

Kinabayo festival is celebrated in the name of the famous Patron Saint, St. James. The reenactment of different battles that happened in this location during the Spanish era period is the one of the key attractions at the event. These reenactment of different battles include the most infamous battles such as the Battle of Clavijo and as well as the Battle of Cavadonga.

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The festival which has been started initially as a religious affair, it has later received recognition as a social and economic event for the society in there. This recognition helped paving way for successful imbibing of the local chapter into the Kinabayo soul. You can get a clear and perfect picture of what this festival means to the locals by observing and visiting the distinct historical events within the city.

The Miss Dapitan beauty shows, street carnivals, performances at dusk as well the agricultural trade fairs are the other highlights of this Kinabayo festival. The interested tourists can test their adrenaline charging and pumping by giving it a try at the motocross competition and as well as at the exciting jetski exhibition parties. Philippines is also known as the land of festivals. There is no other better place to be at, to experience a perfect blend of culture, fun and dance, other than the Kinabayo Festival in the whole world.