ISIS threat in South East Asia raises alarm in Washington

Recently, there are 300 people dead in total due to the recent attacks made by the ISIS terrorists on the Marawi city, Philippines. The Jihadis in the south East Asia is fighting for the Islamic state group both in the Syria and Iraq and they now have a various battle closer to their home in the southern region of Philippines. It is actually a situation which signified that raising alarm in the Washington.

Marawi attacked by ISIS:

During this latest assault in the city Marawi, more than three hundred people have been killed within the shortcomings of the local police and security forces. 3 years ago, the long running American military operation to help Philippines forces hold more numbers of extremist fighters who was prematurely cancelled. Even though there are only minimum numbers of US based Special Forces available now, law makers play a very big role in these actions. They have a common fear that it is becoming the new place for the Islamist fighters from and beyond the south East Asia.


Currently, United States is giving the best range of aerial surveillance to help the entire Philippines forces to retake the Marawi city back to the normal conditions because there are more than 200,000 people living and leading a normal life. There is no confirmation that ISIS fighters are the major reasons to these attacks but they are trying to get fighters into such areas to do the various terrorist attacks. This situation should have to be controlled to save the life of other people. This is why Intelligence and Counter terrorism officials of the US has noted the public faces of ISIS terrorists from the various groups in Philippines to take severe actions and find all individuals who are all involving in this crime.