The Iraq’s cultural heritage “al Nuri mosque” which built in 12th century has been completely destroyed by the ISIS (Islamic State Militant) and declared a ‘Caliphate’. The great al-Nuri in Mosul is one of the treasures of Iraq from where 3 years ago the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced by himself as the leader of ISIS.

On witnessing the development of Iraq’s army forces in the battle field, there has been a significant improvement over the advancement of the Iraq’s army forces and they are now in the heart of the old which consists several cultural heritage places and monuments. Though, the Mosul was received by the Iraq’s army forces during the battle field in past with the aid of U.S massive attack. Few days ago, ISIS militants claimed that they can successfully recapture the Mosul through its social media.

However, on responding to the issue the Prime minister of Iraq Haidar Al-Abadi, stated that it would be the last drive for the Iraq’s army forces towards the mosque and it will be the end of the ISIS state forever. The historic symbol of the Mosul stands as the hallmark of the war against the ISIS ever since the local civil war erupted.


While, the Iraq’s army (Counter Terrorism Service) approaches towards the mosque, the ISIS militants detonate the explosions and destroyed the Mosul completely. The news has been confirmed by the statement released by the Iraq’s army forces and also by the U.S officials by quoting as ISIS destroyed one of the popular Mosul in Iraq and destroyed the Iraq’s great treasures.

However, the statement released by the ISIS pointed that the U.S airstrike destructed the Mosque and ISIS have no hands in it. The statement of ISIS militants has been released through Amaq news agency.