Is the UK terror threat really raised to critical?

In the wake of a recent attack in Manchester, the threat level of the UK has been raised beyond doubt.  The critical level of this issue leads to loads of unfavorable things all through the nation. Theresa May announced  in August 2014 that terror threat raised to severe after warnings from the British jihadists radicalized fight for overall Islamic State extremists in both Syria and Iraq.

Even though there were no such terror attacks in recent years, the attack at Westminster in March 2017 revealed how security services of the nation have to be enhanced further. Dominie Grieve is the Chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee recently said that entire security services foiled twelve attacks over the past 18 months. The recent attack in Manchester left 22 dead and many people injured.


Home Secretary Amber Rudd said that the man who carried out a planned suicide attack in Manchester was not acted single-handedly. Salman Abedi has killed 22 people and injured 64 by blow himself up in the Manchester arena on the last Monday. This kind of attacks reveals that ever-increasing possibilities of terrorist attacks.

The government deploys qualified and dedicated military personnel to protect key sites and quit possibilities of such attacks. Mrs Rudd said that this attack was devastating occasion and more sophisticated than some attacks in this category before. Many residents, business travelers and tourists in the UK these days listen to the latest news about this subject. They need to be in safe hands in future.