Iran terror attack, ISIS claims the responsibility of the attack

As the Iran’s revolutionary guards raised the tension in the middle east Muslim countries by blaming the Saudi Arabia for the twin terror attack held at its capital on Wednesday which killed 12 people and injured as many as 40 peoples, the ISIS group claimed the attack was carried by them through their own news agency Amaq by sending a video message.

Even though, the video message telecasted on the Amaq news agency claimed that ISIS behind the terror plot in Iran’s capital However, the trust factor on that video was yet to be confirmed by the officials.

Twin Terror Attack

It was the first terror attack in a decade which the Tehran faced. The twin terror attack held at Iran’s parliament building and at nearby the shrine of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who is well known as the Islamic Republic’s founder.

The attack would be the first one carried by the ISIS group in the Islamic republic. The Iran’s capital faced the simultaneous attack from the both the gunmen and also from the suicide bombers. As per the reports received from the news agency of Iran, gunmen and bombers are dressed like women and entered in the building where they started to fire on civilians and guards. One of the terrorist blew himself at the fourth floor of the Iran’s parliament building. However, the entire terror hasn’t interrupted the parliament’s routine work schedule as the elected members carried their business inside the building. The live footage inside the building confirms the regular business going on during the gun shoot surrounded the parliament building.


Sensitivity of the Terror Attack

As a remainder, several Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain has recently shut down their diplomatic ties with the neighbor country Qatar by pointing that Doha offering its support to terrorism. The terror attack held at Iran’s capital has created a sensitive moment since; it was carried following the ban activities over Qatar.

On the other hand, the entire gulf region is on high alert ever since the U.S president Trump conducted a meeting with all the Muslim leaders and demands their support for the fight against their terrorism. He also quoted that the countries which are supporting the Terror plot will suffer on its own hand.

The senior leader and politician of Tehran’s hardliners blamed Saudi Arabia, U.S and ISIS for the Wednesday terror attack which shocked the Iran’s capital city.