iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus New features highlights


Much Awaited Mobile Phone With Power Packed Features

The much awaited iPhone 7 is set for its final release all over the world next month. There are still many users all over the world making use of android phones due to their cost efficiency and improved features. There are some people still questioning like how iPhone will make it as a competition to the android phones that are available in the market with various features that are far better than the iPhone series. To put a big checkpoint to such negative comments about iPhone, this iPhone 7 series has power packed with a lot of exciting features that are not even being imagined in most of the android phones. Some of the exciting features of the latest iPhone 7 are as follows:


Image source: iphone7releasedate.net

Dual tone camera:

It is one of the biggest revolution that iPhone is expecting to bring into the mobile market. Even though there are many companies that has released similar kind of camera in their phones, the one that iPhone 7 is going to introduce to the market is very valid and outstanding. Basically, mobile cameras or whatever digital device that is capturing motion picture or a still image will initially try to concentrate on the monochrome structure of the scene which is the basic building block of an image. In the latest iPhone 7 plus series, there are two separate lens system equipped to make sure that the images are being captured in two different tones, one will be monochrome image that is the basic part and next is to add a second layer of color. The striking advantage of this system of imaging is that it will have more clarity even in the low light conditions. There is a complex mechanism being used in the operating system of iPhone to merge color details and make the image to be outstanding in a number of ways. Most of the android phone manufacturers have thought of making it into reality, but iPhone has came out into the final picture with their name being written first of its kind in the market.


Image source: krazykeeda.com

Wireless earphones

Another concept that iPhone users and even common users are more curious is the Air pods. These Air pods are the regular range of headsets that is found in most of the mobile phones, but the advantage is that they are completely out of connection from their mobile phones. It is the state of the art technology from iPhone which is one of the most complex mechanisms according to the manufacturers. There is no necessity for people to keep their mobile phone in safe place to avoid headphone interruption as the connection is completely free of wires. There is no necessity for iPhone 7 users to struggle with the jumbled headset cables anymore. They can carry their Airpods like they will be carrying coins in their pockets. Ease of storage and stylish outlook of Airpods in the advertisements of iPhone 7 series has increased the expectation of people all over the world. It will bring a changeover in the world of headphones.