Infosys founders looking to sell stake in company, well it has been strongly denied by Narayana Murthy

Well the reports pointed by the media have been completely denied by the Infosys founder Mr. Narayana Murthy. As far as the stats, Infosys is the second largest software services of the nation which exports large number of technical services.

Reports quoted by the Media’s

As far as the news gathered through the media, it is stated that the founder of the India’s tech giant Infosys is about to sale the stakes of the company which is around 12.75%. For the records the value of a stake of the Infosys is about Rs. 28,000 crore. The news was cited from the trust able sources in the media.


Though, the news was completely denied by the Infosys founder Mr. Narayana Murthy while addressing his statement to the Reuters. However, the shares of the tech giant Infosys started to fall in the market with respect to the recent status, the shares of the Infosys has been down by around 1.7%.

Impact of the reports quoted by Media

It doesn’t matter when the reports are true or quoted to create hype in the market, but the news reported by the media leads to the unhappiness over the promoters and investors of the Infosys. The news triggered the alarm among them and they are started sell their shares which cause the downfall for infosys in the market.

Murthy’s Blame

Earlier, the founder of the company Murthy openly blamed the managing board of Infosys for its recent fall. Murthy openly blamed the governance of the company and also criticized the pay hikes which are recently imposed by the board members of the Infosys to the senior officials of the company. Murthy’s blames leads the board officials to appoint new co-chairman to the board and to relive around $2billion for the shareholders for the current financial year 2017-2018.