One of the leading tech giant of the nation Infosys has come up with the unique solution to boost their turnaround by stepping into the upscale projects. For the past few months, the tech giant of India Infosys has faced severe crisis on its management and also some confusion among the investors. With the motive of improving the margin levels and to step into the upscale projects, the Infosys management has decided to step into the advance projects like getting contracts of driverless cards and so.

As the innovation is the only thing left in the technology field, the majority of the tech firms in the nation have decided to invest in the upscale projects. Along with Infosys Ltd, other companies like Tata Consultancy Service and Wipro Ltd too shows their interest on investing with Infosys Ltd over the high end technology.

As per the data released by the Infosys statement, earlier this week the management of the tech giant Infosys has signed a contract with the US automation specialist Panaya with the whopping budget amount of around $200 million.

On analyzing the current trend, driverless cars would be the cutting edge technology and the growth in the VR (Virtual Reality) field would drive the modern technology to new level. Moreover, the cutting edge technologies will helps to marquee big clients like Toyota and Boeing.


The tech experts from the firms opens the statement as the several tech companies of the India is looking to tie up with the startups to develop the better solution for clients and to grab the available contracts in the market. Moreover importantly, the companies are looking forward to improve the skills of their employees by joining hands with other small firms.