In fact Infosys has employed Inderpreet Sawhney who is the former Wipro executive and she appointed as the Infosys group general counsel. In previously she worked with the ITC limited and also served as the managing partner of midsized law organization at Silicon Valley. In fact she replaces Gopi Krishnan Radhakrishnan who acting previous Infosys general counsel. She has the diverse and strong global experience and she is in this industry for more than 24 years so she deserves this job. She works with Banga and Vaswani for past three years so that she will surely helpful to her client success.


Everything to know about the Inderpreet Sawhney

As everyone knows both Banga and Vaswani held the strategic portfolios across the company for past decade. Actually she appointed as the Chief Compliance officer and General Counsel of Infosys Limited. In fact Sawhney is the general Counsel at Wipro and she will probable join at Infosys for next month. She has the BA (Hons) and LL.B degree from Delhi University and she got LL.M from the Queen’s University in Canada and Kingston. Previously Gopi Krishnan Radhakrishnan is acting as the Infosys general counsel and he will plan to leave this company to pursue the other opportunities. In fact Sandeep Dadlani who is serving as the head and president of manufacturing, retail, logistics and CPG also put in their papers. She will plan to join Infosys at executive vice president and she started her career in 1990 at Calcutta and moved on Chugh firm in the year of 1997. In fact she joined Wipro in the year of 2011.She has more numbers of talents in this field so that she can put her efforts to her work. If you surf about Inderpreet Sawhney then you can know about her in detail.