InFocus Company actually has a licensing bond with the Foxconn which is the agreement handset maker and is willing to make a right investment of about 10 million US dollars in the Indian marketplace. It is especially to develop its telecommunication operations in the world’s second biggest smart phone market. In the second attempt of this company for tapping into the mobile phone market here, it will actually line up about sixteen feature phones and also the smart phones this year as it looks at the spot among the 5 top rated handset players in the nation. Everyone will get a better support from the Foxconn in terms of the supply chain, manufacturing and also logistics. India is a very important country in the sales and investment in the smart phones because it has a huge mobile market.


Smart phone investment in Indian market:

A complete focus is only on providing the best mobile phone products and also building the balanced offline-online strategy in the country. Zhongsheng Luo who is the CEO of the Infocus Mobile Global Company has made a several investment in the India market in order to generate more profits. At the same time, he also told that the firm will go to introduce the new types of smart phones along with the feature phones in future to cash in on the mobile market in India. This company will invest totally 10 million US dollars in order to begin this business with the top rated smart phones to attract more numbers of consumers around the country. Similarly, there would not be a conflict of any interest as a team working on their smart phone products is totally different. In the manufacturing of mobile phones, InFocus is as well as working with some partners like MCM and Dixon.