India’s first pod Hotel Launches in Mumbai

Well it’s really good news for travelers visiting Mumbai, the Mumbai based business people Mr. Shalabh Mittal and Mr. Hiren Gandhi have introduced the Pod/Capsule hotel system in Mumbai which is the first one for the entire nation. The pod or capsule hotel or room are in practice highly in china and Japan, those rooms are specially designed for commuters who are about to take short nap or rest in-between their journey.

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The biggest advantage of those pod rooms are its highly sophisticated and fits well within the budget. The Indian business men have invested around 12 Crore in this accommodating travelers business. It is estimated that around 140 pod/capsule rooms will be established in the specialist hotel which gets operative recently in Mumbai. As per the news gathered from the trusted sources the pod rooms will be sized in-between 50 to 90 sq ft and it comes with 3 different version such as of individual occupancy, suite rooms, and for special ladies rooms. The price for accommodating on those pod rooms for a night would be cost around Rs.2000 to Rs.2500 which includes the cost of breakfast provided by the hotel management.

Each of those pod rooms offered by the hotel established in the Andheri SEEPZ area of suburban Mumbai fully equipped with all latest technology including free WiFi. The owners conveyed that more such compact rooms will be established in next 3 years in the major metro cities of the nation. If you are planning to visit Mumbai, never forget to experience the new pop room accommodation.