India is combating technical massive Apple Inc’s demand for tax rewards to create iPhones in the country, with the trade reverend saying on Friday that the govt may not create exclusions for the U.S. Company.

Apple wants to open its own stores in India but has been asked by the govt to regionally source at least some of the ingredients, as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bid to improve production in the country.

Apple has desired tax discounts, such as lower transfer and production responsibilities, to create iPhones regionally, according to a govt formal familiar with the situation.

The great news for Apple customers will be easier access to gadgets and post-sales services. The current great costs should also come down. Though there would be tax effects, perhaps the govt could postpone off transfer responsibility as a special case.

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Apple’s existence in India would also put pressure on China manufacturers to become more aggressive in selling their top quality gadgets. The ultimate champion, hopefully, would be the India customer.

On the matter of responsibilities, it said great transfer taxation on mobile phones could lead to revenge from trading blocs.

“This would increase the cost of India manufactured smart phones and in turn limit India’s aspirations of becoming a Smartphone hub for the world.”