India, Tanzania to step up energy, food security cooperation


India has offered $92 million Line of Credit to Tanzania for a major water supply project and also another five agreements have been signed between the two countries. India and Tanzania have decided to work together in areas of natural gas and food security so as to boost the relation between the two countries.

In the meet of 10th July, 2016, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Tanzanian President John Pombe Joseph Magufuli had variety of talks and decided that both countries would now work together, regionally, globally and bilaterally in order to fight terrorism and climate change.  Both countries are at the view that together, they will be able to strengthen their respective defense and security system.

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According to Prime Minster Narendra Modi, India is a trusted partner for Tanzanzia and they will help each other grow and develop. As they discussed, they found that both countries have certain common interests and concerns, and so they have decided to deal with it collectively. It was also seen that both countries have major threat from terrorism, its different forms and its spread, which needs to be addresses immediately.

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India will be providing this east African country with a Line of Credit of 492 million, which will be used for the development and rehabilitation of the Zanzibar water supply system. Along with this the following MoU have been signed between the two countries- MoU relating to water resource management and development, MoU on visa waiver for official passport holders and a MoU on the establishment of vocational training center at Zanzibar. Also an agreement has been signed between National Small Industries Corporation of India and Small Industries Development Organization Tanzania.

It has been said that the two countries are working together on a few other water projects for developing 17 cities in Tanzania. India will also be exporting pulses from Tanzania, in order to meet the shortfall of pulses in India. The two countries will work together in the use and management of natural gas as well.

Both countries are looking forward to economic development by creating opportunities. And for achieving this, both countries will collaborate and work.