The raise of the selfie photography has made the entire world to difficult situation, death rates due to such act on dangerous places are keep on increasing on year by year. Recently, the study conducted by the Carnegie Mellon University has stated that the country India has the high number of selfie oriented deaths in recent years, followed by the neighboring pal Pakistan.

Stats of Selfie Death

Well, while analyzing the statistics released by the experts from Carnegie Mellon University, during the time period of March 2014 to the September 2016, over 125 deaths has been registered because of the selfie oriented issues. Among those numbers over 60% was from the country India which leads to the exact number of over 75.

Current states of Selfie oriented Death in India

The study also relieved that country also experienced 2 deaths in the year of 2017 so far. In response to the reports and alarm raised by the social experts all over the nation, the governments of India has initiated several awareness creating campaigns and also blocked several dangerous places as selfie banned place all over the nation.

Recently, the one of the metropolitan city of the country Mumbai has implemented selfie banned place for more than 15 dangerous places. And the government strongly announced that the banning operations will continue.


To be frank, the reports cited that the about 90% of the death occurred due to selfie has happened nearby the water places. Also, male persons that too who are aged below 24 were highly affected in this life threatening activities, about 70% of the selfie deaths occurred due to selfie was men with teenage only.

In order to control such deaths, the ministry of the culture and tourism Mahesh Sharma has asked state government to implement selfie dangerous zones across the nations.