Well, the growth of the technology always leads to new kind of problem. The evolution of smart phones has stirred the world for the past few years, however the impact of the Smartphone in negative side too growing with the rapid rate. According to the recent study, the death occurred due to the Smartphone are growing year by year, especially the occurrence of the death while trying to take selfie is huge all over the world.

Highest number of Selfie-related death

With respect to the study conducted by the Carnegie Mellon University, the nation India stands first when it comes to the list of top deaths due to the selfie related issues. According to the study conducted by the experts of the university, around 60 % of the deaths happens in the Indian nation occurs because of the Selfies.

While analyzing the data about the overall death factors all over the world, around 127 people died because of the selfie oriented issues, among those around 76 deaths was occurred in India.  The numbers are calculated during the time period of March 2014 to the September 2016. Meanwhile, the second position holds by the neighbor country Pakistan, where the nation experienced about 9 deaths during the same time period.


image: Geo.tv

The institution also relieved that the nation experienced about 2 deaths due to the selfie oriented death in the country so far in the year 2017. On responding to the facts, government has imitated several steps to control the occurrence of death due to selfie. Last year, about 15 dangerous places has been identified in the hot city Mumbai and announced as the non-selfi zone; similarly the same process has been initiated all over the nation.

Apart from India, now the world countries has started to realize the importance of spreading awareness of selfie death and proper campaign being conducted all over the countries.