As per the latest stats released in the official reports of Facebook, Indian citizens are ranked high when it comes to accessing facebook accounts quite often. Earlier it was United States holds the first position of the accessing the facebook accounts more often, now the Indian users especially who are all below 25 years old are accessing the social media platform more than others.

The reports which are given by the facebook to its advertisers quoted that up to July 13th of this month, there are around 241 million potential users from India are pretty active in the platform. Where else, the United States of America have around 240 active facebook users.

The evolution of smart phones in those two countries has made the facebook users growth significantly in the year of 2017. In fact, for the past 6 months period, the number of the new facebook users growth has been calculated as around 27 percent in India and at the same time, in US the numbers slightly gets reduced to 12 percent.


However, while considering the gender balance, both countries has irrelevant data. In India, men are highly active in the social media platform when compared with female; in fact they represent about 75% in the net users. On the other hand, in the US the results were right opposite more than 50% of the facebook users are women. As long as the social media platforms keep engaging the people at ease, the fame doesn’t goes down among the users.