India and other Asian nations plan to counter an assertive China

As the nations India and China is considered the most developing countries of the world, the entire world is closely watching the growth ratio of both the nations and how they solve their internal diplomatic problems in recent times. However, on the other hand there has been a silent alliance formation is going on unofficially against the assertive china where the alliances including several Asian countries including India as one of its vital members.


Strength of the Informal Alliances against China 

On accounting the reliability factor of the United States against the assertiveness of China, several Asian countries which also include India, Australia, Japan and Vietnam are slowly and silently forming their alliances against the aggressive china in the regional diplomats’ level.

The above listed Asian and other countries are in the mutual co-operations and willing to conduct discussion within them, however, as far the statement released by the diplomats there has been no such activities taken place by any of the countries with the intention of the upsetting Beijing in any time. Also, there is no official statement or news released by any of those countries about the formation of the alliances legally.

Reason behind such silent alliances among Asian countries

While inquiring about the same with the diplomats of many Asian countries and with the diplomats of the countries which are believed to be stand against the china, there has been the uniform answers revealed as “Their country persons are taking care on their own nations safeties and prosperity . Also they conveyed as if they are united they will be stronger enough to share their burden and also it leads towards the collective leadership qualities”.

Concern over the Trump’s unpredictability

Many nations in Asian part of the world fears and not believes the current United States administration carried by the President Mr. Donald Trump. In recent time, Mr. Trump’s administration withdraws from the TPP (Transpacific Partnership) which is related to the trade and also his act of pull out from the climate accord from the Paris raised so many worries among several countries all over the world.

The unpredictability of Mr. Trump has raised several Asian countries to stand on their own for the safety issues. Recently, the US defense secretary Jim Mattis conveyed that it strongly condemn the Chinese militarization in the South China Sea, however, Mr. Trump has recently appraised the Chinese president Mr. Xi Jinping on their first meeting.