If you think of taking a vacation down south, Kerala can be a likely option.  Lying between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, this beautiful state is filled with churches, temples, mosques and synagogues. It promises to be God’s own country and provides the most soothing place of all.

Holidays in leisure

If you are fond of a beautiful adventure, spend some time in the Kerala house boats having nothing to do but just a welcome break.  Experience a relaxing and therapeutic body massage session also with the Ayurvedic oil massage which lets you relax and allows your weariness to melt away. The house boats are beautiful and exotic.  They are called Kettuvallam and are constructed in the most unique way possible.  The boats are placed together with knots of coir and there are no nails uses for constructions. Thus it becomes very easy to spend leisurely hours relaxing in the house boats, watching the gently swaying palm trees and spending beautiful hours.


Image source; bestplacesinkerala.com


The Kerala cuisines are just sumptuous and out of this world.  The spicy, tasty and aromatic food of this state is more often than not prepared with coconut, mustard, tamarind and curry leaves. You will find the food extremely tasty and sumptuous and would wish to taste it again and again.  The staple food of Kerala is fish and rice.


The beaches in Kerala are astoundingly beautiful.   Alappuzha beach is renowned for its incredible boat races, beautiful backwaters and coir industry.   Cherai beach is also a beautiful beach in Kerala for tourists to come and enjoy.