How to increase Reliance Jio speed by changing the LTE band

Well it is sure that reliance Jio is offering supreme internet connectivity when compared to all other existing mobile networks in India. Few users may experience slow net connectivity when compared with the speed announced by the reliance Jio officials. Here are the simple tricks which can makes your android smart phones to get high speed internet connection from the Jio network.

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As far as the information gathered from the experts, the reliance Jio network offers 50mbps connectivity speed in the band 40, in band 3 it provides 18mbps & 8mbps while connected with band 5 modes.  In 4G LTE connection, bandwidth gets varies according to the coverage and speed. Its better to leave the coverage issues with handset default and to improve the speed provided by the Jio follow the steps mentioned below

  • Dial <*#*#4696#*#*> in your mobile when it is connected with LTE mode. After dialing those codes select the “Phone Information” option in the displayed menu.
  • After getting special page by clicking “Phone Information”, select the LTE Only option under the “Set Preferred Network Type”.
  • If you are using Qualcomm Chipset mobile phones download “Shortcut Master (Lite)” app from the store and follow the instructions to lock the required Band under LTE network.
  • If you are using MediaTek Chipset, download the app “MTK Engineering Mode” and select Band 40 for better speed and Band 5 for best coverage.

Hope, the above mentioned details will help to increase your Jio performance in your handset.