How to dress office appropriately in a heat wave


Tops and bottoms

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When the heat wave is on, loose clothes should be your choice as office wear. Buy few quality looking tees from good brands which can be teamed with skirts and trousers. To add more style to it, wear a shoulder robe or a soft-tailored blazer. You will look formal, and yet you will be beating the heat with style.

Choosing the material

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The material that you choose to wear in this heat has to be selected very carefully. Cottons and linens are the best fabrics for you when the heat wave is on. The one material that you should surely avoid in summer is synthetic. Also don’t go for any top or dress that is clingy or body-hugging. Also try avoiding skinny jeans, rather wear a denim culottes.

Stylish Loose Fit

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In this heat wave if you want to maintain your style and yet be comfortable then you can go for loose tunic type dresses. These are all time favorites and makes you look highly casual yet professional. You may also try out culottes or trousers with some loose formal top.  Loose fit dresses can be comfortable in summer, you will feel cool and will be able to carry yourself in style.

Dressing with Proper colors

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When the heat wave is on it is best that you avoid colors that will tend to show up sweat patches. A nice print can save you from this. You might even try out options such as a black waistcoat over a white shirt. Avoid colors such a grey. These measures will prevent showing off of the patches and you can move around freely.

Dressing suitable footwear

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Many of us neglect our feet in this heat. When going for work, it is important that you wear appropriate footwear that matches with what you are wearing. Wear airy canvas with silk-cotton or ballerina socks. Or you may opt to wear backless mules and slippers to work.