How to cure your hairs this summer


Use of natural hair care products and masks

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To cure your damaged hair and to avoid further damage, the best cure for your hair is you apply some natural hair masks to your hair. This will nourish, strengthen and make your hair healthier. There is Ayurvedic mask where you add equal amounts of lemon juice and olive oil and apply to the scalp and massage and then wash it off. Or you can apply yogurt to your hair and then rinse it off. You may also try applying white clay or red mud to your hair.

Hair diet

In this heat, you have to provide special diet to your hair. Hair is made of protein, to increase its health eat natural meat, dairy products and fish. Butter and coconut oil in your food can also be helpful. This will provide lubrication to the hair. Also drink a lot of fluids, especially water. This will cure you hair to a great extent.

Avoid heat

Extreme heat makes your hair dry. So in summer it is best that you avoid giving more heat to your hair and protect it from further damage. Try not to use blow driers, flat irons or straighteners.

Regular conditioning

Conditioning of hair on a regular basis can minimize the damage caused to hair, and prevent it from further damage. There are many natural conditioning options. For natural conditioning rinse you hair with apple cider vinegar diluted in water, or coconut oil or Shea butter to add moisture to your hair. Deep conditioning will protect your hair and maintain the shiny look of it.

Cover your hair

If you have go out in the sun then make sure you cover your hair. Avoid the direct rays of the sun to touch your hair. Use sun protection for your hair. There are many sun screen shampoos available these days, make use of it. Carry a scarf or a hat to cover your hair. Make sure the hat or the scarf is made of cotton and has tiny pores.