The role played by the logistics and transportation in vital that helps the nation’s economy growth significantly. To be frank, the logistics and transportation sector can be called as the nervous system of the Indian economy. Over the past few years, the rise of the e-commerce platform in the logistics sector is not achieved by any other sectors. In last 2 years, the nation has witnessed several startups in the Indian logistics sectors thanks to the people’s interest in digitalization.

The backbone of Indian Economy

As the logistics and supply chain is considered as the backbone for all country’s economy, India is not an exemption. Over the years, the difficulties and challenges faced in the logistics sector has been overcome by the new born startups in the field for the past two years. Thanks to the development of the e-commerce platform in the nation.

Impact of the new Startups in Logistics field

Owing to the growth in the transportation field due to the success of the e-commerce platform, the logistics industry experience the collection of over $130 billion and covers almost all the corners of the nation with the aid of over 6 million transportation vehicles all over the nation.


Apart from that, invent of the startups in the logistics sectors covers the holes seen in the industry over the years. Some of them are listed below.

  • Improved storage and warehousing concepts
  • Well structured infrastructure
  • Reduced middlemen operations
  • Timing delivery with assured quality service
  • Wide range of transporters availability along with option of easy tracking

Statistical values in Logistics Industry

Despite of contributing around 5% in the net GDP growth of the nation, the startups in the logistics sector has earned handsome profits in recent times. As an example the courier dispatch company Delhivery managed to collect around $263 million in recent times, thanks to the e-commence platforms in India.