How Qatar’s ties with Iran, Islamist led for crisis?

After facing ban over the political ties with the neighboring gulf countries Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain, the Qatar is now seeking possible ways to get things ease. Though, the neighborhood nation blame the Qatar for offering financial support to many terrorists and extremists groups, the nation has been keep denies those blames.

However, few days before the Saudi Arabia diplomats released the names of over 50 people and several charities which are offering financial aids to the terrorist groups like Al-Qaida and Islamic State Group. In addition to that, the experts and analysts from the Syria region pointed that the Qatar’s financial aid has improve the formation of the militant groups in their region.

In responding the list released by the Saudi Arabia, some groups from Qatar started to back the Muslim brotherhood over the legitimate political force. However, on the other hand, few groups pointed that the certain groups which are marked as the terror line by the Muslim neighborhoods like the Sunni Rebel are not different from the groups which are being supported by the Saudi Arabian government over the years.

Groups which Qatar linked that leads to the accusations

Al–Qaida and Islamic State Group

As per the reports suggested by the gulf nations, Qatari’s indirect financial support to the Al-Qaida and Islamic State Group have lay foundation for the growth of several militant groups in the gulf region from Syria to Sinai Peninsula.

Links with Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim brotherhood often referred to the Islamist Sunni Group from Egypt was considered as the threat to the religion by UAE and Egypt. Meanwhile, Qatar helped brotherhood led government in Cairo and leads to Egypt political outburst in 2013. Apart from the gulf countries also blamed that the Qatar supports financially for many groups which are opposing Islamic.


Supportive move of Qatar with Hamas

Hamas is considered as the terrorist group by Israel and several other western allies of the nation. The group rule Gaza Strip has been with flight for around 3 years with the neighborhood Israel is well known by the several Arab countries.  As per the statement released by the Saudi Arabia, Qatar have severe link with the Hamas.

Qatar links with Hostage groups and Iran

With respect reports cited in several media’s Qatar paid hundreds of millions of dollars to the Iranian backed group Sheite militia which is responsible for kidnapping 26 hostages in Dec, 2015. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain accused Qatar for backing such kidnapping groups financially and leads the growth of such militants in several countries.