Because of Sikkim Himalayan Academy, kids in Buriakhop not only dream, but achieve them. Will you help them dream more?

About the Fundraiser

Did you know that if not for the existence of the Sikkim Himalayan Academy, a little boy in the remote village of Buriakhop, West Sikkim would still spend his days cutting grass and looking after his five younger siblings at home or worse still, be idly wandering the streets? Sandip is now a proud student of SHA, who not only excels in academics but also plays the guitar and creates wonderful sketches.

SHA, a residential school, provides such opportunities to the children of the mountains, in a land that is remote and rugged. Every year, approximately 80 to 100 students starting from nursery to Grade 5 enjoy the benefits of free education along with a midday meal. Over and above, hostel facilities are available which feed and clothes over 30 of these children. We seek to create an environment that fosters a lifelong passion for learning. Here is an opportunity for you to be a part of something special, to be a member of a community that preserves the ancient local languages and traditions and also prepares children to be modern global citizens.